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Fallen Heroes Program

The Fallen Heroes Program is our family's commitment to honor the men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

This includes those brave individuals who are serving in the Armed Forces or serve as Police Officers, Firefighters, or EMS Personnel.

Our Fallen Heroes Program applies to anyone killed in action in the Armed Forces or who dies in the line of duty as a Police Officer, a Firefighter or an EMS Person.

These are all endeavors that are above and beyond the risk that most Americans assume.

Therefore, in recognition of this exceptional commitment by these special individuals, should the need arise, we are proud to offer any or all of the following services at no cost to the loved ones of a Fallen Hero at any of our family owned facilities.

Funds that may be paid by a government agency or other source for any of the services listed here would be made available to the family or estate of the Fallen Hero.


Bob Lomison, President

Our Funeral Homes Will Provide Services of Funeral Director & Staff

Includes, but is not limited to, 24 hour availability of staff to respond to initial request for service; arrangement conference; securing, preparing and filing of necessary authorizations, permits and certificates; preparation and placement of necessary notices; coordination of service plans with parties involved in the final disposition of the Fallen Hero. This also includes staff availability and assistance during and following the Tribute Service.

Transfer of Fallen Hero to Funeral Home

This benefit covers a 25 mile radius. Unless stated otherwise, all transfers referenced are considered local.
Ernbalming which is required if you:
1) Select a service with a viewing; or
2) Arrange for shipment by common carrier or interstate transportation; or
3) Select arrangements that require us to hold the remains of the Fallen Hero for more than 30 hours provided no refrigeration is available, which we do offer as an option, or when a hermetically sealed container is not used; and provided that embalming   does not conflict with religious beliefs or medical examination.

Other Preparation

Provide sanitary care, dressing and placement in casket or alternative container, cosmetology and restoration as needed.

Use of Facilities, Staff & Equipment

Tribute Ceremony at our facility or another location or a Memorial Service, Remembrance Ceremony or Gathering of Friends at any location plus Calling Hours, Visitation or Viewing and Graveside service.

Automotive Equipment

Includes Hearse (Casket Coach) to Final Disposition and Service Vehicle(s) for disposition of flowers.


If you prefer cremation, we offer cremation service. Our cremation service includes all transfers, and the highest levels of integrity for the processing of cremated remains.

Our service to the family of a Fallen Hero also includes:

Benefits Assistance

We will assist in the application for and notification of Social Security, Veterans Administration, Veterans Affairs, Personnel Departments and Fraternal organizations for any available benefits that your family may be entitled to receive. At your family's request we will even handle all life insurance claims on their behalf.

Free Notary Service

After a death there may be car titles to transfer and forms to be notarized. As part of our service, we offer to handle all of this at no charge.

Dignified, Personal Service

You will find our staff to be courteous and sympathetic and our services handled with dignity and respect We pay attention to details and offer a wide range of service options. We will contact clergy, order flowers, place newspaper notices, assist with proper clothing selection, secure certified copies of the death certificate and make arrangements for people coming from out of town.

Cemetery Service for Fallen Heroes

Includes, but is not limited to a free burial space in one of our peaceful garden areas, opening and closing of the burial space, and an outer burial container. A Patriot Walk Celebration at the time of burial will be conducted at the graveside.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of our offices. We are respectfully at your service.


When it comes to honoring Veterans, no other cemetery comes close to our level of dedication and commitment. We do all we can to recognize, honor and pay due respect to those who have served our country. We understand that to each Veteran and each of their family members, it couldn't be more personal. You will not find another cemetery that does more for Veterans and their families.  We offer:

  • Complimentary traditional or cremation burial space*
  • Discounts on the purchase of a second burial right or merchandise for spouse or significant other
  • Assistance with the design of your family memorial or Free Government issued memorial
  • We request a Presidential Memorial Certificate that bears the signature of the President of the United States
  • A Patriot's Walk consisting of a row of flags from the drive way where the coach will stop to the graveside in honor of the Veteran.

If you are a Veteran or are responsible for the arrangements of a Veteran, you can count on us to provide an unmatched level of dignity and understanding, the kind of respect and attention to detail that every Veteran should receive.

Words cannot express the debt of gratitude we all owe to those who protect our American way of life. To the noble men and women who selflessly put themselves in harm's way to preserve our freedoms, save our lives, protect our homes and keep our families safe, we respectfully salute you all.